Valle Bike Events is a company started in 2019. We are a newly started small business with great possibilties in an amazing environment! 

My name is Tomas Larsson and I am a local bike enthusiast who really wants to show our region to the world! To help me I have several local partners and guides who make sure you get a bike experience others just won't find and of course, the star of the orchestra, the jewel in the crown, Valle countryside!


Valle Bike Events aim is to get others to enjoy cycling in a fantastic environment! 
We truly believe that we have some of the most beautiful roads and trails in the world. We are not blind to what we got, we are inspired! 

Biased? Yes, probably. Why don't you come and experience for yourself?

Västra Götaland, Skaraborg, Valle, the cradle of Sweden

We are situated in the county of Västra Götaland inte north-east corner that once was the county of Skaraborg, the cradle of Sweden. Between the biggest lakes in Sweden, Vänern and Vättern. This is a

 somewhat forgotten part of the country and most people will associate it with a, flat,  farm landscape and possibly the plateau mountains that are typical for the region. However, the county is much more diverse than that!

The plateau mountains are not the highest mountains but that makes them more accessible. To all. Climbers, do not despair, you will easily find climbs, don't think it is all flat here. Our own mountain Billingen offers roads and trails that make most riders legs hurt and faces to smile. Nearby we also have the mountains of Kinnekulle, Mösseberg, Hökensås och Ålleberg (and some other hills and bumps). All of them offering just as good conditions for biking and nature exeperiences. 

The region is also one of the most important food producers in Sweden. Grains, meat, fish and dairy are all produced here in large scale. Many are the cafés and restaurants in the region that are waiting for you.

Or, as Lars Bäckström, former regional governor of the county, once said: 

"Tuscany is the Italian equivalent to Västra Götaland"

The valley of cherries

Our valley is surrounded by cherry trees! 
In spring when the cherry trees are in blossom the whole valley is white and green. A wonderful sight. Every year. 
The roads twist and turn through the valley with nature so close you can feel it. There are plenty of small lakes and the kame landscape presents lovely small hills which gíve you a feeling of beeing in fantasy world. Old stone walls mixed with horses, sheep, cows and people. Imagine a mix of Beatrix Potter and the Shire in Lord of the rings. 

It would be easy to believe that Valle Bike Events is all about cycling but we would like to offer you a complete experience of our small corner of the world. You will soon find good food, lovely people and a place with a thriving countryside. 

This is probably not unique to Valle in any way. On the contrary! There are many beautyful places in the world, we have to admit that. However, Valle Bike Events can give you a chance to visit a genuine and less travelled part of the world. The roads, the trails and the close, accessible, nature invites you to relax and to explore. Once you arrived here there is no need for cars och buses. Everything is within a bikerides reach.

Not just Valle. We will give you a chance to experience the whole of Skaraborg if you give us a little of your time. 

Welcome to Valle!