Tomas - I am the person behind Valle Bike Events. 
I have riden a bike almost my entire life. To friends, to school, to work, for fun. Everywhere. I loved it from the very first time. I just didn´t realise how much. 

During my school years and a few years after that, tennis was the main focus for me. Training, competitions and later on working as an instructor in Sweden and abroad. It was not until injuries stopped me from playing that I found cycling as a more structured way of training and keeping fit. From there everything has just escalated! 
I am not an elite competition cycklist. That is not my ambition. However, I want to ride my bike as often as possible and be able to enjoy it. Preferably with others. A quick coffee stop is mandatory. Well, perhaps not every time but often enough. I ride mtb, road and a bit of gravel. One of my favourite things is to show a new trail or road section to someone else, to share my what makes me happy. This is the foundation of Valle Bike Events. 

Camilla - My first mountain bike ride was 15 years ago. My boy friend, who is a former motocross rider, took me to the hardest trails he could find. With a borrowed bike that was too big and resulted in me dragging it beside me for most of the ride.  Like that it continued for a couple of years.

About five years ago I started to go out on my own to really focus on developing my technique. I learned how to get over fallen trees, roots, stones, cattle grids and how to get down steep descents. Today these parts of mountainbiking are the most fun to me!

I am a trained bike guide who lives in the wonderful area of Valle where I ride my bike all year round. I really like the diversity of Valle with easier flowy trails, harder root sections and fun descents. 

I long to take you on a bike adventure which you will long to get back to!